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New features appear in Chrome browser.

Google recently announced the launch of the 85th edition of Chrome browser, which provided it with a number of new and practical features. As Google developed the Chrome 85 version, designers tried to make this version more practical for user computers, providing them with features that ease pressure on computer processors and the Internet. In principle, these features reduce the activity of open tabs in the background while using the Internet. If an open page is not used during Internet usage for more than 5 minutes, the page is moved to “Static” mode, and the data exchange between them and the network is reduced at a significant rate, which relieves pressure on computer processors and networks.

Google also noted that Chrome 85 has become faster to download data into the Internet thanks to modifications made to the so-called data routing.

In addition, the Chrome browser has moved to 64-bit Android devices, making better use of their technology and faster data handling.

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